Sunday, February 28, 2010

I was thinking something earlier about how art is the study of the perception of beauty, or just what people find beautiful, and like a negotiation with them to try to coax them into finding different things beautiful.

I did a really bad job of shrinking these images down into the post, so click em to make them bigger and undistorted.

here's Elephant Map, which doesn't photograph well:
Elephant Map

here's Chelsea Food, so far:
Chelsea Food 0228102

here's my eye after I accidentally sprayed it with wood finish:
wood finish eye
wood finish eye 2

here's what my onion painting, still unfinished (it actually doesn't even look like this anymore), looked like Tuesday of last week:
onion painting

here's a classmate's, whose name I don't know, drawings of butterflies:

art 127 butterflies1
art 127 butterflies 2

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