Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Artists have to have websites. There's no getting around it.
I tend to shy away from the word artist, but nonetheless.

Mission Statement:
Mostly, this will be an easier way than email to show works to my girlfriend and other people I know for feedback.
I'm also going to post classmates' work here, 'cause I always take pictures of it anyway.
I will post works and artists I enjoy,
I will post proposals and statements for works I'm doing.
Perhaps draft some artist statements for myself.
and write about all of these things, in addition to any other art related thoughts I feel like recording for later consideration.

Right now I'm working on, among other things, a project I'm calling Chelsea Food. I will try to find and post the proposal that goes along with it later. Chelsea is my girlfriend, model, and artistic collaborator. She's actually a much better artist than me, but she is having an artistic dry spell right now. Click it to make it bigger, I think.


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